All-in-one cool serum

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drop design
flower stlyling
Point : doesn't drip !

moisturizing effect

without sctikiness

Effect on pores

Fresh senssation

tighten pores

❶ A lively and rested skin every moring

Clogged pores, line pores, dry pores, acne

Tighten the pores with a cold sensation effect
with high moisturizing power.
Wake up on the next morning
with the suprise of perfectly smooth skin.

❷ For morning makeup routine as well as night routine

Regulates the excess of sebum during the day!
Also, protects the skin
by limiting its drying.
Just apply at night and go to bed!
+180% of moiturizing on upper layers of skin.

morning & night

❸ 24 hours long moisturizing ! 99% of beauty ingredients

Ingredient images

Carefully selected ingredients
including 2 kinds of cherry blossom extracts
15 kinds of plant extracts,
29 kinds of moisturizing ingredients.
Moisturizing yet not sticky.

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Tighten your skin comfortably warmed by the bath !
Cool serum can be cooled in a refrigerator,
after letting the hot cleansing, penetrate the open pores,
it will tighten them up.
Because it does not use menthol,
it is a smooth texture that is easy for your skin.

recommended amount:1.5g

<120g> 1,800 円(Tax excluded)

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