All-in-one hot cleansing

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Point : great elasticity!

Tightly adhere to skin!

It won't drip, even if used for face pack

Effect on pores

Clean off the skin as afficiently as a steam pack

❶ Increase warmth and cleansing effect as used in the bath

Relaxing in bath

The secret of this warmth is a plant-derived
moisturizing ingredient, glycerin.
Glycerin reacts to moisture by warming up,
so use with "wet hand" "in the bath"
increase the effect!

❷ Thanks to its high viscosity, does not drip, perfect for masks!

The elasticity of the gel is remarkable!
Stick the dirt firmly.
Furthermore, since it has a high viscosity and hardened texture,
it closely adheres to the difficult parts.
You can easily use it for masks.
Because of it's of use and efficiency
if fits well also in short routine
and for active women.
Take care of yourself effectively!

hot cleansing mask

❸ Like a serum !97% of beauty ingredients

Ingredient images

Carefully selected ingredients
including 2 kinds of cherry blossom extracts
15 kinds of plant extracts,
23 kinds of moisturizing ingredients.
Adsorption type hyaluronic acid keeps the skin's moisture
even after washing it away.

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Tighten your skin comfortably warmed by the bath !
Cool serum can be cooled in a refrigerator,
after letting the hot cleansing, penetrate the open pores,
it will tighten them up.
Because it does not use menthol,
it is a smooth texture that is easy for your skin.

recommended amount:1.5g

<120g> 1,800 円(Tax excluded)

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